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Jane Sauce Takes the Cake


Jane sauce on chocolate cake with strawberries

It makes everything better.

Chocolate is revered in my family. My aunt gets a Whitman’s sampler for Christmas every year. My mom keeps a bag of Hersey’s miniatures in her kitchen at all times. My 88-year-old grandmother refuses to quit eating it.

That’s why Jane Sauce holds a special place in the family cookbook (which does not, in fact, exist yet). It’s a recipe that’s more than 60 years old, but we’ve actually only been making it since 1998.

Paul’s Guacamole

Paul's guacamole recipe

At long last, the infamous guacamole recipe! I feel like I keep saying that each recipe is one of the first my dad ever taught me, but this is another early fave. I remember camping out by the guac bowl whenever Dad would make this for parties (alongside his famous from-scratch salsas and doctored-up cheese dip).

Now it’s become one of my go-to party/barbecue recipes as well. It’s creamy, spicy, citrusy, and best of all—easy. See for yourself!