My dad up for some big fun

My dad getting ready for some “big fun,” as he liked to say.

This blog is dedicated to my father Paul Wachowiak, who passed away in 2013. I’ve decided to dig into his recipe repertoire, learn them for myself, and present them here (with a few of my own tweaks, of course).

I inherited my dad’s love of food, though not necessarily his preparation or presentation skills. Though I’ve been cooking from-scratch dinners almost daily for the last few years, I’ve always trended toward simple, after-work meals—quick, dirty, delicious, get it on the plate! My dad, by contrast, was known to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up elaborate meals. So although I hope my chef skills can some day be compared to his, please forgive me if these dishes don’t look (or taste) like gourmet feasts. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

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